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  1. Eli
    February 14, 2013

    When is your guys next project/album coming out…Head of Heels is dope and im addicted to Ground Up, but I need to feed my addiction!

    Thanks Homies!


  2. Simon Rabas
    February 12, 2013

    Ground Up, My name is Simon and I live in Milwaukee and have noticed you have not made many Midwest trips. I want to go to the show with some friends Wednesday Feb. 20th but I don’t see a link for tickets. I NEED TO SEE YOU GUYS! How do I get tickets for your show at Lincoln Hall?

    -Simon Rabas

  3. Once Moza
    December 8, 2012

    Can i please have permission to use the song
    Ground Up Late Night Special
    For A Game Episode?

    Thank You

  4. Chris Chiosa
    September 12, 2012

    Hey, was just wondering when you guys were going to ship out the supernatural boxes… order mine a couple of weeks ago.. don’t know if you started sending them out yet or when to expect it… let me know, thanks guys.

  5. Cyrus Bakhshi
    December 18, 2011


    My name is Cyrus and I go to VCU. I am an avid house party DJ and I usually play EDM and some hip-hop and anything else that people can dance to. I have been following Ground Up for a long time now and I have every single album and I love all you guys music and so I decided to throw in some tracks at a recent gig and everybody went wild. I have been trying to see if you guys could come down to VCU for at least one night because I have always wanted to see you guys live and I know a lot of people here would love to see you guys and would benefit from being introduced to you guys. I want to see if you guys would be able to come down sometime next semester (Spring ’12) so everyone can have one hell of a night and so that everyone here can get to know what they have been missing out on.


    Cyrus Bakhshi
    (DJ Substance Abuse)